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August WIPs

This post started as a rather long ramble about a blanket. A blanket that has filled my last month. And not in a good way. It’s probably for the best that I accidently deleted it. Looking back it wasn’t the best of reads. It was mostly a stress filled rant about stupid mistakes. But writing it was really cathartic.

Early this eve I was feeling a little stressed about life . Looking at how slowly my latest blanket has been growing and how many mistakes have been made along the way made me feel like I’d accomplished nothing this past month. Especially as this blanket is entended as a present and is now late. I think that’s the worst part about a chronic illness. Because I spend so much time in the house repeating the same activities in the same place I judge myself really harshly when it comes to showing results from how I’ve spent my time. And this particular make feels a little all consuming.

This is where the wonder of photographs comes in. I was flicking through my phone and realised that I have  made a lot this month.

First off a baby ripple blanket made using the Attic24 cosy stripe colours. I feel like I’m cheating including this one in August. While it was technically finished this month most of the work was done in July.

Surprisingly my pile of granny squares for a baby blanket has tripled in size. I don’t feel like I’ve worked much on this one at all! And while it hasn’t grown crochet wise I did find fabric to line my granny square pencil case. This means I can now assemble it and see if my idea has worked. 🙂

Lastly the big blanket has grown quite alot in the week. It looks small but that’s just because I’m making it out of 4ply wool. Of course it’s going to feel like it’s growing a lot slower than all my other dk makes!!!

I kind of feel like I need to hit myself in the head for stressing over it all so much. It’s silly to stress over self imposed deadlines. Especially impossible ones. I was never going to be able to make a complicated 2x2m blanket out of 4ply wool in a week. It’s only taken me two week and a minor melt down to accept this…

Anyways enough late night  ramblings from me.

If you managed to get his far thank you so much for reading! Steptember shall hopfully bring three new ta-dah posts. A cute pencil case and two blankets.



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