Granny Square Blanket | MyCraftyMusings

Granny Square Baby Blanket

Granny Square Baby Blanket | MyCrochetMusings

Meet my newest make; a traditional Granny Square baby blanket. It arrives a little later than planned. I greatly underestimated just how much getting my four wisdom teeth out would affect me! They came out monday and due to complications it has been a very long week!

In contrast this blanket was really relaxing to make and I love how the colours have turned out!

The idea for this blanket was conceived as a stash buster. I had loads of wool leftover from making the blanket below. Originally I planned to make a copy of it.

Granny Square Baby Blanket | MyCraftyMusings

But a few stash busting makes meant that I had run out of orange and wanting to stick with the theme of using up my stash I substituted in gold and magenta.

Picking Colours | MyCraftyMusings

Gold and Magenta are two colours that I’m not overly comfortable with. At least I wasn’t when I started this project. Now I have a new-found appreciation for them! They completely change the overall feel of the colour scheme. It feels more Autumnal and warm. Whereas the previous blanket screamed Spring.

Picking Colours | MyCraftyMusings

The colours I used are Stylecraft Special Dk in White, Petrol, Cloud Blue, Emperor, Plum, Magenta, Wisteria, Lipstick, Pomegranate, Clemitis, Meadow, Gold, Citron and Grey.

Mini Grannies | MyCraftyMusings

I also decided to go for a simple granny square blanket instead of the circles in a square. I realised that I have never made one before. When I started to crochet I really didn’t like traditional granny squares but lately I am using them in everything! I really like building them up bit by bit. Ticking off colours as I go to make sure that each colour is used equally and that there are no repeats.

Granny Square Baby Blanket | MyCraftyMusings

Granny Square Baby Blanket | MyCraftyMusings

I did make myself choose the final round randomly. I had two baskets and I dug blindly for each colour before moving them to the used pile. So while they are still all used equally the only input I had into the colour order was making sure that no two colours were placed side by side and no colours were repeated within a square.

Granny Square Baby Blanket | MyCraftyMusings

Granny Square Baby Blanket | MyCraftyMusings

The finished blanket measures 30 x 35 inches. It is the perfect size for fitting into a baby or toddlers cot. It also works really well as a lap blanket.

Granny Square Baby Blanket | MyCraftyMusings

For now it is going to join to growing pile of blankets I have stashed away. I aim to open an Etsy store for them soon. Although given that a good few of my friends and family are expecting this may end up as a gift…

I already have another of these on my hook. But this time with a more pastel theme. A contrast to the slowly darkening days and colder nights.

I have also been making some infused alcohols. I’ll share more about them soon.



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