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Goodbye October



Autumn has ended here and Winter begun. The last of the leaves are falling off the trees and the fire is lit each eve. It is definitely time to hibernate for winter with a giant blanket and a few books.

October has been a productive month.

Filled with food…

Jars of fig jam, fig chutney, Christmas chutney and red tomato relish fill the cupboards. Even the airing cupboard has some new additions, kilner jars filled with sloe gin and blackberry brandy liquor. Hopefully some of them will be ready to drink by Christmas.

& Crochet…

A super bright baby blanket has been completed and a softer more pastel themed one has begun. I also made a cowl, kindle cover (not pictured), jam jar covers and my first attempt at a dress. It was made for a little girls 1st birthday this Halloween but sadly it doesn’t fit. It will instead be gifted onwards.

A lot of time this month has also been spent outside. The weather this month has been fantastic! The last few days have been almost summer like. These few days of sun have been very much welcome as they have given me a chance to clean Grumpy (aka Victor my cob) so that he can be rugged up for winter. Yesterday was spent removing all those layers of mud that you can see pictured above! So much mud!!!

Fingers crossed November is just as nice



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