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A Walk In The Park & Setting Up Shop




Heya, thanks for stopping by. This is kind of two posts in one, Ive got lots to share this week.

November has gotten off to a really nice start. D was up for the weekend and we actually managed to escape the house and spend some time together without anybody else around! A rare thing at the moment as we are living at home with out parents in different counties while trying to save up to get a place together. Work and school commitments mean we only get to see each other every 2 or 3 weeks at the moment. The weather was absolutely lovely so we took my labrador Sooty to Curragh Chase National Park. I only live 15 minutes away from here but it is still a rare treat. Sooty absolutely loves going there and first stop always has to be the lake so that he can go for a swim.

Sooty | MyCraftyMusings

Sooty Swimming | MyCraftyMusings

Sooty | MyCraftyMusings

Above is the face of a labrador trying to ignore the fact that the stick has been put down and therefore will not be thrown for him again…

Sunset | MyCraftyMusings

Woods | MyCraftyMusings

Autumn Leaves | MyCraftyMusings

Woods at Sunset | MyCraftyMusings

Parkland | MyCraftyMusings

Parkland | MyCraftyMusings

Tree | MyCraftyMusings

Gateway | MyCraftyMusings

It really was an absolutely wonderful afternoon. We both actually managed to fully unwind and had a wonderful walk in the park, complete with a refreshing stop in the park cafe half way around. It’s definately worth the trek up the hill to be able sit by a roaring fire and enjoy a cup of tea. The break meant we had the energy to stay out way longer then planned.

Finished Blankets | MyCraftyMusings

In other news on Monday I finally took the plunge and opened an Etsy store. So far it only has three baby blankets in it. But I definitely plan on adding more.

Etsy is a new and strange experience for me. I have sold some of my stuff before in a local shop and to friends. But this will be my first time attempting to sell to strangers without an intermediary. I did have lot’s of fun taking all the photos. It was my first time having the three blankets out in one place at the same time. I hope you don’t mind the amount of photos but I cant resist sharing them all.

Finished Baby Blankets | MyCraftyMusings

Finished Baby Blankets | MyCraftyMusings

Finished Baby Blankets | MyCraftyMusings

Finished Baby Blankets | MyCraftyMusings

Finished Baby Blankets | MyCraftyMusings

This has been a long process for me. I’ve been thinking of doing this for over a year now but have kept on making excuses not to do it. Over the weekend I realised all my excuses were just me hiding from the fact that I was afraid. And I refuse to let fear win.

Up until the point where I clicked ‘open shop’ the idea of a store was filled with lots of possibilities. If things sell well then maybe I can even make a small income from this. Enough that maybe I can work part-time and not have to worry about the stress effect of a full-time job has on my fibromyalgia. Even just selling enough to cover the cost of new yarn would be wonderful.

The moment the shop opened these possibilities turned into bucket loads of anxiety. Questions were running through my mind, will people like my stuff? Will it sell? Are the prices too high? Am I delusional in thinking that other people will like my stuff enough to want some for themselves? Anxiety really does not have any logic to it at all.

Today I’m feeling a lot less anxious. The items will sell or they won’t and if not it doesn’t really matter. I crochet for stress relief. It is my way of relaxing, it is also something that fills the day when I’m too sore to do anything else. I don’t want it to ever become something that I pressured about.

Anyways that’s mostly what I’ve been up to this past week. The rest of this one is going to be filled with some last minute study as I have school this weekend and really have not being doing as much work as I should have been. Its hard to stay focused when class is only one weekend and month and theres crochet to do.  Crafting really is a wonderful distraction isn’t it? 😀



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