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Exam Procrastination and a Chunky Cowl

I started December with a pretty solid plan. My final exams are the second weekend in January so no new wool and only my spice of life cal blanket to work away on during study breaks. This plan failed miserably when D took me wool shopping for my birthday (I got loads of Debbie Bliss Rialto wool) and I also treated myself to some super chunky wool  and a new 10mm bamboo hook. My Birthday wool has been hidden away until after my exams as I know that the moment I let myself pick it up that’s it! No more productivity for a while. So I’m being good. Well mostly good, I kept the chunky wool out to play with.

Just as this post is me burrowing my head in the sand and trying to hide from exams, this cowl was last weeks distraction from my final assignment that was handed in this weekend. It proved itself perfect for that purpose as it was finished in under 2 hours and that was with me being super distracted by Master Chef. That was two distractions dealt with in one go and neither lasted long enough for me to feel guilty about not working on my final assignment.

Finished Cowl

Finished Cowl

  I kept the pattern for this cowl super simple as having never worked with super chunky wool before I had absolutely no idea how much wool was needed.  Luckily my 2 balls were just enough. Few!!! Also I absolutely love working with a bamboo hook. I wish I’d tried one sooner the yarn just glides off!!!
For anyone interested I’ve written the pattern up below. It works up so fast it is perfect as a last minute Christmas gift!

Finished Cowl | MyCraftyMusings

Finished Cowl

It can be worked either in the round or by working back and forth in rows… I made it in rows as I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to add in a twist or not. In the end I just stitched the end rows together as a normal join.

Finished Cowl | MyCraftyMusings

Finished Cowl


(US Terms)

Yarn: Hayfield Super Chunky With Wool

Hook: 10mm

Row 1: Chain 100

Slip stitch to starting chain if working in the round. Be careful that it doesnt twist.

Row 2: chain 3 (counts as first dc), dc in each stitch around, sl st to 1st dc.

Row 3-7: chain 3, dc in each dc across alternating between front and back loops, sl st to 1st dc.

As you start each new row alternate which loop you use to the opposite of the stitch below.

So if you started row 3 with a chain 3, dc back loop, start row 4 with chain 3, dc front loop.

Row 8: dc in both loops whole way around.

If worked in the round simply join with a slip stitch and you are done 🙂

If you crocheted the rows back and forth simply place the ends together and slip stitch around each dc to create a seam. Alternatively you can sew the ends together with a whip stitch.

And your done!

   I hope you enjoy making one as much as I did. If you have any issues with the pattern feel free to leave me a comment and I will get back to you ASAP 🙂

Francesca xxx


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