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My Spice of Life Blanket

Spice of Life Blanket CAL

Spice of Life Blanket CAL

Spice of Life Blanket CAL

Spice of Life Blanket CAL

Spice of Life Blanket CAL

Spice of Life Blanket CAL

Spice of Life Blanket CAL


Now that its all finished and photographed I can finally show of my Spice of Life blanket!

I finished this blanket two weeks ago but the weather has been so horrible up until now that I wasn’t able to get any photos. These were snapped this afternoon in the space of about 5 minutes. I tried to get as many pics in as I could before my 3 dogs realised I was outside and had a lovely chew toy with me! They are fine with blankets inside but outside anything you are carrying is fair game! I’d have added a photo of them but they were so happy that it wasn’t raining that I could only capture blurs.

This blanket is from My Cherry Hearts, Spice of life CAL last year. The pattern is available for free here and there are two wool packs you can choose from available from Black Sheep Wools. I used the Stylecraft pack for mine. There was more than enough wool in the pack to make this even with me adding in a third pattern repeat and making it wider. It’s big enough for two to curl up under and long enough to cover my feet while hugging it around my shoulders.

I learnt so much from making this! Even though I’ve been crocheting for three years now I found I still have a lot to learn about tension when using different stitches. I had to really focus on loosening my tension with the stacked shells and even then it took until the third repeat to get them totally right. Luckily the pattern is super forgiving and so I’ve gotten away with my wibbly wobbly edges.

Now to go curl up on the couch by the fire and snuggle under it. The downside of the clear day is that it is absolutely freezing this evening!!!


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