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Crochet Baskets

  The other day I decided to actually dust my bedroom this week and quickly discovered how much crap gets deposited everywhere. I found so much loose change (not the good kind, the 10 cent or less kind), USB keys (do we really need 3?) and random small toys (No you haven't missed anything, no kids … Continue reading Crochet Baskets

Granny Square Picnic Blanket | MyCraftyMusings

Granny Square Picnic Blanket

  I made this granny square picnic blanket to use up my stash of acrylic yarn. With no regard for colour choice. The colours are for the most part picked completely at random. Well up until the last 10 rounds or so they are. I needed to order the skeins in such a way that … Continue reading Granny Square Picnic Blanket