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Crochet Baskets


Crochet Baskets | MyCraftyMusings

The other day I decided to actually dust my bedroom this week and quickly discovered how much crap gets deposited everywhere. I found so much loose change (not the good kind, the 10 cent or less kind), USB keys (do we really need 3?) and random small toys (No you haven’t missed anything, no kids in this house just a very geeky boyfriend, yep not guilty at all).

The result was these crochet baskets. Because who tidies when you have an excuse to crochet and curl up on the couch binge watching Buffy on Netflix instead…


Crochet Basket | My Crafty Musings


They are perfect for putting on the bedside tables for holding all our random little stuff. Seen here holding my key chain which is at this moment in time keyless…


Crochet Basket | My Crafty Musings


Crochet Basket | My Crafty Musings


The larger one also works really well for holding crochet supplies on the coffee table beside my couch. I may have to make another one.


Crochet Basket | My Crafty Musings


The smaller kinda also works for crochet things…


Crochet Basket | My Crafty Musings


I crocheted these with a 6.5mm hook and 2 strands of aran cotton. It was a little tough on my hands but has led to a dense strong basket. The pattern was super simple. I crocheted SC’s in a spiral until I had the diameter I wanted and then continued to crochet with no increases until I liked the height. I finished off the last rows with slip stitch and a 4.5mm hook to make the edge curve inwards.


Crochet Basket | My Crafty Musings


The edge designs were made using aran weight cotton and a 4.5mm hook. Sc and spiked Sc for the big one and surface crochet slip stitches for the other.


Crochet Baskets | MyCraftyMusings



I think this project is the hardest I’ve ever had to photograph. There are only so many ways you can style a small white container. Especially when your me and your collection of photo props consists of whatever is closest to hand, mainly miscellaneous crochet paraphernalia. I’m am also really missing having a proper camera. Sadly my beloved Canon DSLR had a fall down the stairs (with my brother so I can’t be too mad) and while it still works the photos are very slightly out of focus. Not too badly but enough to drive me mental! My iphone does the job but it has it’s limitations.

I spent a large chunk of today oggling cameras online. I’ve narrowed my wish list to a high end compact as I want something that takes awesome photos but that is also really portable, which my canon very much wasn’t. I particularly like the Panasonic model on this list.

Fingers crossed santa comes to my house a little early this year. But I will have wait and see how evil my car insurance is going to be this year first though.

That’s it for me this week. How goes life with you guys?

See you back here again soon!

love Francesca







6 thoughts on “Crochet Baskets

    • Francesca says:

      Ooo I shall def go have a look at it. There are so many on the market now that I feel a little like Alice after falling down the rabbit hole!


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