Weekend Inspiration #5 Collage | MYCraftyMusings

Weekend Inspiration #5

  I have such a crush on Set Free My Gypsy Soul's Unicorn Poop blankets right now! Discover some of the wonderful craft people based in Dublin featured over on Olannand.ie I would love to make this Dog house for Sooty! Isn't this bunny so so cute? I am really tempted to give amigurumi another go … Continue reading Weekend Inspiration #5

Hot Water Bottle Covers Mixed | MyCraftyMusings

Crochet Hot Water Bottle Covers

  It is a fact of life that I am always cold and therefore very attached to my hot water bottle. A few years ago now I designed my second pattern, a granny square cover for my hottie. I've never actually written it down and it gets edited nearly every time I make one, but … Continue reading Crochet Hot Water Bottle Covers

Weekend Inspiration #5 Collage | MyCraftyMusings

Weekend Inspiration #4

  This post may be about knitting gauge but it is just as important in regards to crochet too! Mimsy's artwork entitled "Isis Threaten Sylvania" is just as relevant now as it was when the guardian wrote about it this time last year. I absolutely love these gloves! I've been seeing them everywhere since they got … Continue reading Weekend Inspiration #4

Granny Square Baby Blanket | MyCraftyMusings

Weekend Inspiration #3

    This article using crochet to explain math is kinda cool. Really wish I'd known how to crochet while figuring math out in school! These cross stitch wooden bags are so lovely! This hexegon blanket by Cypress Textiles makes me really want to start a new blanket right now! If you havn't seen this house covered in yarn by artist Olek then … Continue reading Weekend Inspiration #3

Wool Basket

Weekend Inspiration #2

  This week I'm loving...   This blog postcelebrating Dahlia season. Atty's latest post is making me want all of the maxi cotton bonbons from Scheepjes! The perfect wool storage for beside the couch from Ikea. I will never get tired of looking at Salvador Dali's illustrations for Alice in Wonderland. This method of display is … Continue reading Weekend Inspiration #2

Flower Motif #1

September Daily Motif Crochet Challenge

      There really are not enough hours in the day.  My wish list of things to make seems never-ending.  I plan projects only to get distracted by new ideas constantly! And these always end up skipping to the top of the to-do list. Logistically there are only so many projects that I can … Continue reading September Daily Motif Crochet Challenge

Instagram Collage Weekend Inspiration #1 | MyCraftyMusings

Weekend Inspiration #1

I collect inspiration from anywhere and everywhere. Pictures, magazine articles, blog posts, scraps of fabric and ribbon, you name it!  Not all of it is crochet I also save inspiration from a bunch of places including interior design blogs, fashion, textiles and pattern.  I have folders full of screenshots on my computer, notebooks full of … Continue reading Weekend Inspiration #1