Hot Water Bottle Covers Mixed | MyCraftyMusings

Crochet Hot Water Bottle Covers


Hot Water Bottle Covers Mixed | MyCraftyMusings

It is a fact of life that I am always cold and therefore very attached to my hot water bottle. A few years ago now I designed my second pattern, a granny square cover for my hottie. I’ve never actually written it down and it gets edited nearly every time I make one, but the fruits of it remain my most used item.

Below is my very first one! Made using Rico Creative Cotton Aran. It is so soft and nice to cuddle with.


Granny Square Hot Water Bottle Cover | MyCraftyMusings


Fast forward two years, this August I received a repeat order for a custom cover completely out of the blue! It’s been at least a year since I had anything posted up for sale. The cover has been made and well received and I’m still super chuffed about it!


Hot Water Bottle Cover Pastel | MyCraftyMusings


Making it has inspired me to actually put things in my much neglected Etsy Store. I had to order more yarn anyway and so I let myself go a little crazy and bought loads. In many different colours. The aim being to make a bunch of Hottie covers and this time to do it properly. I shall actually be keeping accounts this time! As well as making myself attempt to market my items. Anyways I am getting distracted. Back to hottie covers.


Hot Water Bottle Cover Baby | MyCraftyMusings


I’ve been working away over the past two to three weeks experimenting with different colour combos…


Hot Water Bottle Cover Grey | MyCraftyMusings


And finishing off older experiments.


Hot Water Bottle Cover Purple | MyCraftyMusings


So far I have three hotties just needing buttons. I’m aiming to get at least another two finished up in time to update my Etsy store on October 1st. I am half way through one at the moment so it is totally doable. I’m planning on finishing this one up in cream.


Unfinished Hot Water Bottle Cover Bright | MyCraftyMusings


So that’s what I’ve been up to lately. All other crochet projects are on hold while I try to finish these off. Well except maybe some fingerless gloves as my hands are freezing!I do however have some more doilies to show you next week…

Hope you’re having an awesome day!

Francesca xxx

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