Instagram September 2016 | MyCraftyMusings

September 2016

September is like new years for me here on the blog. It was the end of August last year that I started My Crafty Musings but it was in September that I had the most to share. Around this time every year I get a new surge of creative energy. This year I made the most of it and changed a few things up. I introduced the “Weekend Inspiration” posts which so far appear to have gone down well (If you have any feedback on them I would love to hear from you!). I’ve also been working away on stock to reopen my Etsy store. Eeek! Still super squeamish when it comes to putting anything I’ve made up for sale but I’m going to try. I’m aiming to have it open by Monday!

Both these things have so far kept me motivated and focused on writing and sharing more. This year I am determined not to fall into a New Years slump. I’m terrible for turning into a hermit at the end of winter / beginning of Spring each year. There’s just so much to do outside that I get distracted. It should also help that this year I don’t have any academic exams to do! YAY!!!

Anyways that’s enough waffle from me. Here’s a round up of whats been happening here this past month…


Instagram September 2016 | MyCraftyMusings


Francesca xxx

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