Weekend Inspiration #6 | MyCraftyMusings

Weekday Inspiration #6

Weekend Inspiration #6 | MyCraftyMusings

Photos: Colossal | The Fibre Studio | Colossal | It’s All In A Nutshell | Serena Garcia Dalla Venezia

Cheekily remained as it is now definitely not the weekend…

  1. These pieces of bread hand embroidered by Terezia Krnacova and stunning! I can’y imagine the patience needed to make them.
  2. I’m loving this quirky knitted piece of art by Stine Leth featured by the Fibre Studio.
  3. The detail in these cruelty-free knit anatomy specimens by Emily Stonking is amazing.
  4. I need this stripy pouf by It’s All In A Nutshell in my life. I’ve no where near enough stash yarn saved up to make one yet 😦
  5. Love colours and textures in this piece by Serena Garcia Dalla Venezia are just so soft squishable looking!

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