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Blankets And A Shawl

Crochet Shawl | MyCraftyMusings

Crochet Shawl | MyCraftyMusings

Crochet Shawl | MyCraftyMusings

These past few nights I’ve been working on a crochet shawl using the pinky purple and grey stonewash yarn I got in Aldi. It started out as a triangle scarf but it has just kept on growing. I’ve decided to keep going until I run out of pink and then make a grey border.

There hasn’t been much time for other projects this past week. I have been super focused on job interviews. I’ve had 3 in the past 2 weeks! And I have a 3 day trial as part of the interview process for one starting tomorrow. Fingers crossed it goes well!!!

In other news I’ve made two sales via my Etsy store! YAY! I’ve also has an order for 2 hot water bottle covers from a friend. So happy. My little business may be small but these sales have meant that I’ve paid off my initial investment so everything after this point is actual profit.

The combination of this news, the current pound to euro exchange rate and Wool Warehouse having a sale made me go a little bit mad last night. I bought LOADS of wool!

Including some drops lima to make myself a V-Stitch blanket, using a pattern by My Rose Valley and the rainbow yarn pack by Little Tin Bird to make a blanket for a friend for Christmas. I am undecided on the second blankets pattern but I am thinking a C2C. It is something I have never tried before.

I was a bit of a tit when it came to getting more yarn to finish my little sisters granny square blanket. I ordered everything in a rush as one of the items I wanted sold out while I was in the process of adding things to my basket! I remembered to buy more grey to make the next sections of squares and completely forgot to buy more pink to finish off the current section. Whoops!

I also ordered a wool winder. I cant wait to get my stash all organised. I don’t have much space to store things so making everything more space efficient will make a huge difference.

I hope your week is just as full of awesomeness!!!

Francesca xxx

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