Blanket Progress 

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Granny Square Blanket | MyCraftyMusings
I started a new job this week which has greatly reduced my crochet time. But it had also changed what Crochet means to me. Up until now I’ve used crochet to fill time, to keep me busy and to help me switch off. It has also helped me to control my pain levels. In the past few days it is now much more of a comfort. I now value the time I get to spend crafting a lot more. Rather than crocheting in order to create something to enjoy, I now really value the actual act of making. This is not to say I didn’t before but rather that my priorities have now swapped. Before crochet helped me switch off enough to be able to pay attention to what I was watching or listening to. Yesterday I found myself comfortable sitting in silence just stitching away.

I’m really glad my new wool arrived shortly before I began work. I’ve never enjoyed making something as much! Even the granny square blanket I’ve been working on for over a year! It’s seemly endless mini squares no longer stress me, instead I’m looking forward to slowing making each one!

Gone is the need to keep going and finish quickly. Now I am enjoying just being able to sit and completely switch off.

I hope this feeling keeps going! Also that my feet hurry up and get used to standing for 8hrs again!!!

Francesca xxx
P.S. I’ve temporarily abandoned my shawl making. I’m way too tired to follow the chart for the border I want make 😦

4 thoughts on “Blanket Progress 

  1. SleepyTown says:

    I too love crochet! I love being able to chill out in silence and keep my hands busy, while simultaneously creating something useful, or something for my kids.
    I don’t work outside of home at the moment, but I do have two kids under 4, so silence is indeed golden.
    The blanket is beautiful!

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