Weekend Inspiration #9 | MyCraftyMusings

Weekend Inspiration #8 & #9

I’ve gone a little Hallowe’en mad this week. I’ve had to cancel my Hallowe’en plans to go stay in a castle with my partner and a bunch of our friends due to work so I am making up for it every way that I can…

Weekend Inspiration #9 | MyCraftyMusings

  1. Zombie Unicorn Fingerless Mittens by SFMGS
  2. Little Bat Pattern
  3. Crochet Unicorn Hat Pattern by Repeat Crafter me
  4. Zombie Bunny
  5. Monster Slippers Pattern
  6. Hallowe’en Witch Hat Pattern
  7. Oogie Boogie Pattern by Nicole’s Nerdy Knots
  8. Free Jack Skellington Coffee Cup Cozy Pattern
  9. Brain In A Jar by Momou

You can also find these patterns and more over on my Hallowe’en Pinterest board.

Francesca xxx

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