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Childs Crochet Hat Commission

This was a fun little project to make. Hats are one of the things that I’ve never attempted to make before although I do have quite a few patterns for them saved on Pinterest.

I was asked to make a white hat by a friend at work for her daughter. Other than the colour and the knowledge that her daughter is 8 I was given nothing else to go on.

So I made a couple of different hats…



The first one I used dk wool from my stash and it came out tiny. It will just about fit a baby. It’s a lovely pattern though so I think I will try again with a different hook size and armed of course with a measuring tape. I think the problem is in the band as up until then that hat seemed to be coming out too big.

The pattern itself is really clear and has loads of different sizing options. You can find it over on Mango Tree Crafts.




Next I used two strands of purple aran to make a chunky hood that I found here. I got quite lucky with this one as turns out she owns a coat in the same colour so If it fits I don’t need to remake it in white.

Instead I will very definitely be making one for myself. I love the texture of the cluster stitches and I prefer the idea of a hood over a traditional hat. I think I will some changes though.  I’d like a longer, more twisted, look on the ties. Most likely twisted plaits.


White Hat | MyCraftyMusings


Lastly, I finally got my hands on some chunky white wool and made a slouchy beanie hat, minus the pom pom as I absolutely suck at making pom poms. Some day I will invest in a proper pom pom maker but until then I’m going to stick with avoiding them like the plague.

This one looks much better on than off and was so so easy to make. It worked up in just a few hours while binge watching Star Trek DS9.

Now all thats left is to keep my fingers crossed that they actually fit.







2 thoughts on “Childs Crochet Hat Commission

  1. Tami says:

    I’m terrible at pompoms too!! These came out great – the sizing can get tricky with hats. There’s standard head size charts that I use for how big around to make it, but I always end up making them too tall!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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