Summer Garden Granny Square Baby Blanket



This is the third blanket I made way back when I first learnt to crochet 4 years ago and I’m still quite proud of it.

I can still remember my excitement at finishing it. The ends seemed like they were going to go on forever and it was terrifying washing it for the first time, not knowing for certain whether the colours were going to run or not.

Looking at back at this project now there are things I wish I could change. I’m much better at sewing in ends for one. I’m fairly certain that there are a few magic loops in there that aren’t properly secured.

It went off to a new home shortly after I finished it and every now and again I find myself hoping that it has held up ok.

I used a pattern from ‘Crochet, The Complete Step by Step Guide‘ and Stylecraft Special dk in 14 different colours.

(White, Emperor, Plum, Wisteria, Grey, Empire, Aster, Cloud Blue, Lipstick, Pomegranate, Spice, Clematis, Citron, Meadow, White)

The border pattern is from ‘Around the Corner Crochet Borders’ by Edie Eckman.



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