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Crochet Mini Hot Water Bottle Cover

mini1Crochet Hot Water Bottle Cover | MyCraftyMusingsCrochet Hot Water Bottle Cover | MyCraftyMusings

A crochet cover for my new hot water bottle…

This New Year I treated myself to a new hot water bottle. One a little bit smaller and easier to carry around with me than the massive one I’ve been using for years which weighs a small tonne full. My body hates me so not only do I use one daily while sitting on the couch and in bed, I also bring one with me while traveling. Sitting on a plane became so much better the first time I realised I could get one filled on board!!!

Treating myself meant I got to play around with new pattern.  Same granny squares as usual but I shaped it differently. And I must say this new method was so much easier as it uses to the stitch throughout meaning much less counting! I’m going to make another cover for my original hottie asap and see if the technique works for the larger size as well! Then maybe I’ll finally get around to writing the pattern down and sharing it here…

Francesca x




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