Weekend Inspiration #9 | MyCraftyMusings

Weekend Inspiration #8 & #9

I've gone a little Hallowe'en mad this week. I've had to cancel my Hallowe'en plans to go stay in a castle with my partner and a bunch of our friends due to work so I am making up for it every way that I can... Zombie Unicorn Fingerless Mittens by SFMGS Little Bat Pattern Crochet … Continue reading Weekend Inspiration #8 & #9

Weekend Inspiration #7 | MyCraftyMusings

Weekend Inspiration #7

  This week I'm loving: Free Pattern: Hexagon Burst by Cypress Textiles. These Floral Anatomy Embroideries by InherentlyRandom via Colossal. Free Pattern: A Hideaway Hooded Cowl by One Dog Woof. A Fox Scarf by Bees Knees Knitting via Ravelry This Interview with Celia Bernardo by Kathryn Vercillo (Crochet Concupisence) via FemPotential Francesca x Disclaimer: Photos are … Continue reading Weekend Inspiration #7

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Diamond Stitch Crochet Blanket

    Looking through my old Google+ account the other day I found these pics of the first crochet blanket I ever made. I recently lost a whole bunch of photos from an iCloud glitch so I'm super happy I found these! I thought they really were lost for good. Yay for randomly uploading things … Continue reading Diamond Stitch Crochet Blanket

Weekend Inspiration #6 | MyCraftyMusings

Weekday Inspiration #6

Photos: Colossal | The Fibre Studio | Colossal | It's All In A Nutshell | Serena Garcia Dalla Venezia Cheekily remained as it is now definitely not the weekend... These pieces of bread hand embroidered by Terezia Krnacova and stunning! I can'y imagine the patience needed to make them. I'm loving this quirky knitted piece … Continue reading Weekday Inspiration #6

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Motif A Day Challenge

Back at the start of September I set myself a daily challenge in an attempt to get my crochet mojo back! Technically I failed this challenge as I only made 15/30 motifs. But overall it was a resounding success as I stopped making motifs when I realised that I was having to purposely put down … Continue reading Motif A Day Challenge

Weekend Inspiration #5 Collage | MYCraftyMusings

Weekend Inspiration #5

  I have such a crush on Set Free My Gypsy Soul's Unicorn Poop blankets right now! Discover some of the wonderful craft people based in Dublin featured over on Olannand.ie I would love to make this Dog house for Sooty! Isn't this bunny so so cute? I am really tempted to give amigurumi another go … Continue reading Weekend Inspiration #5

Hot Water Bottle Covers Mixed | MyCraftyMusings

Crochet Hot Water Bottle Covers

  It is a fact of life that I am always cold and therefore very attached to my hot water bottle. A few years ago now I designed my second pattern, a granny square cover for my hottie. I've never actually written it down and it gets edited nearly every time I make one, but … Continue reading Crochet Hot Water Bottle Covers