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Free Spring Cowl Pattern

I've named this  cowl "Spring"  after the season I made my first one in.  I know a wool cowl in Spring is a bit odd but Ireland's weather can get pretty chilly at any time of year. Especially when walking the dogs on a windy day!!! In Spring & Summer I just wear it with … Continue reading Free Spring Cowl Pattern

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Crochet Kindle Cover

    A simple crochet cover for any small tablet or kindle... This kindle cover was a super quick project to make. From idea to completion in just one evening. And definitely overdue being made. I've had my kindle a few months now and it's already got a few screen scratches from carrying it around … Continue reading Crochet Kindle Cover

Weekend Inspiration #9 | MyCraftyMusings

Weekend Inspiration #8 & #9

I've gone a little Hallowe'en mad this week. I've had to cancel my Hallowe'en plans to go stay in a castle with my partner and a bunch of our friends due to work so I am making up for it every way that I can... Zombie Unicorn Fingerless Mittens by SFMGS Little Bat Pattern Crochet … Continue reading Weekend Inspiration #8 & #9

Flower Motif #1

September Daily Motif Crochet Challenge

      There really are not enough hours in the day.  My wish list of things to make seems never-ending.  I plan projects only to get distracted by new ideas constantly! And these always end up skipping to the top of the to-do list. Logistically there are only so many projects that I can … Continue reading September Daily Motif Crochet Challenge

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Mandalas for Spring

I started this post two weeks ago now but then the weather stole my internet and was quickly followed by Storm Jake keeping it away and an impromptu trip to see family in England delayed access even more. Life really does not like me attempting to get organised about things!!! I spent the beginning of February experimenting … Continue reading Mandalas for Spring

Free Pattern Simple Crochet Cowl | MyCraftyMusings

Exam Procrastination and a Chunky Cowl

I started December with a pretty solid plan. My final exams are the second weekend in January so no new wool and only my spice of life cal blanket to work away on during study breaks. This plan failed miserably when D took me wool shopping for my birthday (I got loads of Debbie Bliss … Continue reading Exam Procrastination and a Chunky Cowl