Instagram Collage Weekend Inspiration #1 | MyCraftyMusings

Weekend Inspiration #1

I collect inspiration from anywhere and everywhere. Pictures, magazine articles, blog posts, scraps of fabric and ribbon, you name it!  Not all of it is crochet I also save inspiration from a bunch of places including interior design blogs, fashion, textiles and pattern.  I have folders full of screenshots on my computer, notebooks full of pages torn from magazines on my bookshelf and way too may boards on my Pinterest account.

A lot of these sit there and are rarely looked at again. So I have decided to share my digital collection here on the blog. Sorting through the files to write this post has already inspired new project ideas (plus ideas for styling my photos better)  and I hope they will also inspire something in someone else too.



Instagram Collage Weekend Inspiration #1 | MyCraftyMusings


Starting from top left to right…

  1.  Mieke  @studio.silver.lining
  2.  @airali_gray
  3.  Anne @annemarieshaakblog
  4.  Sue @sweetpeafamilycrochet
  5.  Rachel @gooseberryfool
  6.  Johanna @mijocrochet
  7.  Tina
  8.  Marianne @marretjeroos
  9.  Claudia @_cloudy_clouds_



Blog Links Collage | MyCraftyMusings


  1. “Art Therapy” an interview with textile artist Emily Barletta.
  2. Free funky flower necklace pattern from Potter and Bloom.
  3.  Crochet inspiration from the high street.
  4.   3 simple ways to fall back in love with blogging.
  5.  These hand sewn mermaid sculptures by Tasha Lewis are stunning!
  6.  A lesson from Dr Seuss in how to be happy.





Links from top left to right…

  1.  Boho Table – pin
  2.  Hanging Mandalas – pin
  3.  Mermaid Tail Blanket – pin
  4.  Puff Stitch Blanket – pin
  5.  Granny Square Potholders – pin
  6.  Spiky Plant – pin
  7.  Tea Cosy – pin (link is unfortunately broken)
  8. Book Casepin
  9. Mystical Lanterns Blanketpin


Thanks for stopping by!

Francesca xxx



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