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Mandalas for Spring







I started this post two weeks ago now but then the weather stole my internet and was quickly followed by Storm Jake keeping it away and an impromptu trip to see family in England delayed access even more. Life really does not like me attempting to get organised about things!!!

I spent the beginning of February experimenting with my new stash of cotton yarn. It called out to be made into Mandalas. And Mothers Day seemed the perfect excuse to make loads! Not that any of them actually made it anywhere. They have been sat slightly forlornly on the sitting room window sill since I finished them. I’ll find a home for them eventually.

The patterns for the top Mandalas and the hearts can both be found for free online here and here. The last mandala is from  Simply Crochet issue 14 and the ravelry page for it is here.


I’ve also been busy adding loads and loads of small granny squares to my little sisters Birthday present. I’m allowed to share it on here because as it is now 6 months late she receives progress updates rather than waiting for the surprise. Starting it 3 weeks before her birthday really was a little bit over optimistic. Since this pic was taken I’ve joined enough squares for it to be 3 rows deep on 2 ends and 2 rows on the other. And I’ve finally sewn in most of the ends. I need make more squares though, as the blanket needs be square to make the rest of the pattern work without putting in any odd extra rows. I’ve been working on it for so long now that I am so so so impatient to get to the next section. Unfortunately I’m too much of a perfectionist to cut corners. So more squares must be made.

I’ve also been experimenting with felting some projects. They are currently in the washing machine so fingers crossed they work out!


4 thoughts on “Mandalas for Spring

    • Francesca says:

      I’m so tempted to try some of these in thread! I’ve never worked with anything thinner than 4ply. Really like the look of thinner and more delicate plys. Have you looked on Ravelry? I’ve made a few mandalas from there with dk that were designed for thread. Theres quite a few thread doily patterns there.


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